WhatsApp Tests Voice Recording as Status Update

WhatsApp Tests Voice Recording as Status Update

Teuku.net - WhatsApp may not be the best application for syncing call logs, but now WhatsApp is one of the most popular encrypted messaging services in the world.

Like Snapchat or Instagram, WhatsApp also features a status sharing feature that will disappear automatically in 24 hours or what is often referred to as WhatsApp Status.

Even so, users are somewhat limited in seeing what type of media is shared to WhatsApp status updates. Now, it is reported that WhatsApp is trying to allow users to share voice messages as a status update.

WhatsApp's new feature, namely the voice message status, according to information, has been in the works for some time now. Early information about the presence of this feature is in July 2022.

The latest, as quoted from Android Police, Thursday (19/1/2023), now WhatsApp is testing the feature of sharing voice messages to WhatsApp status to a number of testers via the latest beta update on the Google Play Store.

According to WABetaInfo, who has tried this feature, users can send voice notes from the same section as that used to send status in the form of writing.

It was stated that the Send Status button has now turned into a microphone button that can be pressed and held to send a message, just like sending a WhatsApp voice message in a normal WhatsApp chat.

End-to-End Encryption Supported

Like all status updates, WhatsApp will share this WhatsApp voice message with all contacts who are allowed to view photos or videos on WhatsApp Status.

Like all other status updates, voice messages shared to WhatsApp Status are also end-to-end encrypted and will still be available for 24 hours, unless previously deleted.

Currently, voice recordings on WhatsApp Status cannot exceed the 30 second time limit. But the user can cancel it and start over if necessary.

Must Use WhatsApp New Version

Keep in mind, your contacts won't be able to hear status updates if they are using an older version of WhatsApp.

Even though this feature doesn't look important at first, this feature will be quite useful, especially if you want to send recorded messages to many contacts.

So far, Android Police have not seen this feature on their devices running WhatsApp Beta. However, this feature has been in development for almost a year and WhatsApp has not specified when all users will be able to get it.

References : Android Police and WABetaInfo

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