Android 14 Released in 2023, Here's a Leak of New Features -  Android 14 will be Google's newest operating system released this year. This OS will bring a number of new features and improvements to Android devices.

Although the exact date for the release of Android 14 has not been officially announced, rumors say that this new version of the operating system will be released soon.

So when will Android 14 be released and what are the new features that will be released with Android 14, here are the leaks of Android 14.

Android 14 Released in 2023, Here's a Leak of New Features and Smartphones Can Be Updated

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Android 14 release date leaks

Currently there is no beta or open version of Android 14 for developers (Developer Preview), because now Android 14 is still under development.

Even so, if you analyze Google's previous strategy, Developer Preview and experimental upgrades for the Google Pixel, it is likely that starting with Pixel 5 and later, Android 14 will begin releasing in February 2023.

Even so, users and tech lovers will have to wait until Google I/O for the release of the first open beta of Android 14. Based on last year's timeline, the public must wait until May 2023 to be able to try Android 14, but the exact date is unknown.

Meanwhile, the Beta version will be released in May, and the Developer Preview will be released in February. The final version will be released in late summer, at least next September.

The final and stable version of Android 14 will be released at least in late August or early September 2023. If Android 13 carries the unofficial name Tiramisu, Android 14 will likely use the name of the sweet from the letter 'U'. What do you think?

Android 14 new features leaked

One of the biggest rumors about Android 14 is that there will be a feature called "Material You." This feature allows users to customize their user interface to their liking, with various color and material options. This feature also allows users to define how their device will look.

Another feature that is rumored to be in Android 14 is increased network usage. This could include new tools to help manage data usage, as well as new features to help users save data as they use their devices.

Another new feature in Android 14 is the auto-save of incoming media. This allows users to automatically save photos and videos from incoming messages, without having to save them manually.

Detailed media permissions will also reportedly be a new feature on Android 14. This will allow users to set different levels of access to various types of media, from photos or videos on a per-application basis.

The presence of this feature will give users more control over their privacy and security. This will also help prevent unwanted access to sensitive information.

Health Connect feature to Satellite Connection

Then there is the Health Connect feature, which helps users stay connected with health and fitness data from a variety of different devices.

With Health Connect, users can view all of their health and fitness data from multiple places in one place, making it easier to track progress and set goals.

There is also a Satellite Connection feature, which will allow users to connect to a satellite network when they are not on the network. That way, this connection allows users to connect even when they are in a difficult signal area. This feature is useful for those who often travel to areas with poor signal, for example in 3T areas.

Then, there is the Navigation Gestures feature, which allows users to easily navigate the device, using a variety of gestures.

This makes it easier for users to access different apps and functions and helps tidy up the screen, making it easier for users to see what's going on on the phone.

What Devices Get the Android 14 Update

Smartphones, tablets or other devices that will receive the Android 14 update are still unknown. However, a small number of smartphones, especially the Google Pixel, will get this new operating system update. Here's the list:

  • ↪️ Google Pixel 4a
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 5
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 5a
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 6
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 6 Pro
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 6a
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 7
  • ↪️ Google Pixel 7 Pro

How to Update to Android 14

Each smartphone vendor will later reveal a timeline for updating devices to Android 14 and how to update.

In general, an update notification will appear after the device gets the Android 14 update. When Android 14 is available, users can also search for the update manually via Settings.

Google Pixel smartphone devices will usually get the Android 14 update for the first time and the Developer Preview is currently under development.


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