One WhatsApp Account can now be used on 4 Smartphones at once - WhatsApp has finally rolled out a capability that allows one user's WhatsApp account to be used on multiple smartphones simultaneously. With this highly requested feature, according to the company, users can link one WhatsApp account to up to 4 devices, just like when linking WhasApp on web browsers, tablets and desktops.

One WhatsApp Account can now be used on 4 Smartphones at once

Quoting a press release, Wednesday (26/4/2023), each linked cellphone will be connected to WhatsApp independently, to ensure that the user's messages, media and private calls are end-to-end encrypted. "And if your primary device is inactive for an extended period, your WhatsApp account will automatically be signed out from the other companion device," the company wrote.

Using this new feature of WhatsApp, the company says linked phones as companion devices will make messaging even easier. "Now you can switch between multiple phones without logging out and you can immediately resume your last chat," said the messaging platform owned by Meta.

"Or if you are a small business owner, your employees can now directly answer customer messages right from their phones with the same WhatsApp Business account," they added. This update has been released to users globally, and will be available on everyone's WhatsApp app in the coming weeks.

Other WhatsApp New Features

Apart from that, WhatsApp will also be releasing another feature in the next few weeks, in the form of an alternative and easy way to connect with a companion device.

Users will be able to enter their phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a one-time code, which can be used on their phone.

"That way, you no longer need to scan a QR code to enable device linking. We look forward to including this feature on more companion devices in the future," concluded WhatsApp.

WhatsApp previously also released a feature called Temporary Messages, which is useful for deleting a conversation, so it doesn't need to be stored forever.

WhatsApp feature Keep in Chat

According to Meta's platform, this additional privacy feature protects a message from falling into the wrong hands. But they admit, there are often voice messages or important pieces of information that you want to keep.

Because of this, WhatsApp also launched a "Keep in Chat" feature, where users can retain texts that will be needed later, "using super special capabilities for the sender."

"We believe that after you send a message, you have the right to determine whether the message can be saved by other people involved in the chat," wrote WhatsApp, via a press release, Sunday (23/4/2023).

He explained, with WhatsApp's new feature, the sender will be notified when someone defends the message, and they will have the ability to reject the decision.

Users Remain in Control

"If you have decided that your message should not be defended by anyone else, your decision is final, no one else can defend it and the message will be deleted when the timer expires."

Therefore, said the company, WhatsApp users will have the opportunity to make a final decision about how to protect the messages sent.

Later, messages that have been stored on your WhatsApp will be marked with a bookmark icon, then users can view these messages arranged by chat, in the Saved Messages folder.

According to the company, this new feature in the WhatsApp app will roll out globally in the coming weeks.

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