The "Bypass Mode" Feature of the Infinix Note 30 Series

The "Bypass Mode" Feature of the Infinix Note 30 Series
Infinix Note 30 series. Two models were launched, namely the Infinix Note 30 Pro (left) and the Infinix Note 30 (right).

Teuku.Net - The Infinix Note 30 series smartphone is aimed at consumers who like to play mobile games. One feature specifically aimed at gamers is "Bypass mode". 

So, what is the Bypass Mode Feature on the Infinix Note 30 series?

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Bypass Mode for Gamers

Sergio Ticoalu, Country Marketing Manager for Infinix in Indonesia, said that this feature is useful when users want to stay comfortable playing mobile games while charging their smartphone.

This feature allows the phone to charge directly to the mainboard. So that it can keep the temperature of the smartphone stable with an average temperature down to 2-7 degrees Celsius.

In the demonstration video shown at the launch of the Infinix Note 30 series in Jakarta, Thursday (8/6/2023), this feature can be found in the quick access window (menu) that exists when playing mobile games.

the demonstration video shown at the launch of the Infinix Note 30 series in Jakarta

Later the user will see several options such as WhatsApp, browser, settings, incoming call reject, charging, voice changer, temperature control, screen hangs.

So, Infinix Note 30 series users just have to click the "charging" option to activate the bypass mode feature. This feature is fairly special for mid-range class phones.

The reason is, this kind of feature is usually found on flagship phones. For example, Samsung has a similar feature called Pause USB Power Delivery for the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Flip/Fold 4.

On Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Pause USB Power Delivery feature allows input power to be charged directly to the processor, without passing through the battery components first. In other words, the smartphone battery will not be filled or increased when the feature is active.

Supporting Features of the Infinix Note 30 series.

Sergio said the Infinix Note 30 series also brought a number of other supporting features for playing games. For example, a large 6.78-inch screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate and 240/360 Hz touch sampling. That way, smartphone can display a smooth, optimal display, and fast response when playing mobile games.

Other features include the Helio G99 chipset, a 5,000 mAh battery with a fast charging feature of up to 68 watts, up to dual stereo speakers by JBL.

I think that's all I can describe for today, if you are curious to feel how this smartphone feature can immediately open your online shopping application because the first sale in Indonesia for Infinix Note 30 will take place on Thursday (6/8/2023) at 20.00 WIB in the Infinix partner marketplace. Meanwhile, the flash sale for the Infinix Note 30 Pro will take place on Friday (6/9/2023).

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