WhatsApp Develops a Screen Sharing Feature for Video Calls

WhatsApp Develops a Screen Sharing Feature for Video Calls

Teuku.net - WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that has functions similar to video calling platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. This feature is Screen Sharing or screen sharing with other users when making video calls.

WhatsApp launched this feature in version, as quoted from WABetaInfo, Wednesday (31/5/2023). This screen sharing feature will be placed in the navigation at the bottom of the video call screen.

By clicking on the phone icon and the arrow pointing outward, the user can start sharing the device screen during a call. When a user agrees to share their screen, all content on the user's device screen will be displayed to other users. Users have full control over this new feature of WhatsApp. While the transmission of screen content will continue during the video call, the user can interrupt this process at any time.

This means that the feature will only be active if the user gives consent to share the content of the device's screen. However, the new feature is currently available to select Android beta testers, but will roll out to more users in the coming weeks.

However, this screen sharing feature may also not work on older Android models, group calls with many members, or with users who haven't downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp.

"Recipients may not be able to get your screen content if they are using an older version of WhatsApp," writes WABetaInfo via its official blog. For information, earlier in January, Apple had also included a similar feature to FaceTime calls.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is also known to be developing other features, namely usernames that are similar to Telegram and Twitter.

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WhatsApp users will be able to use usernames such as Telegram and Twitter

WhatsApp users will be able to use usernames such as Telegram and Twitter

In the WABetaInfo report, this update is included in the WhatsApp Beta for Android which allows users to choose their own unique name or handle.

As an illustration, this feature might be used like on other social media, such as Telegram, Twitter and Instagram. That way, the usernames between WhatsApp users will be different from one another.

These WhatsApp usernames can be a significant change in how users find each other's accounts, while increasing privacy.

Instead of sharing personal phone numbers or QR codes, users can exchange predefined usernames. This method is safer because the username does not have to contain the user's real name.

Features Still Limited to WhatsApp Beta Testers

However, it is not yet clear how this feature will work in the application. The limitations or conditions for usernames that can be used by users are also unknown. In addition, the official date of the new WhatsApp feature is also uncertain.

However, this feature works on WhatsApp Beta Android version and will likely come soon in a future update of the app.

“The ability to set WhatsApp usernames is under development and will be released to beta testers in a future update of the app,” wrote WABetaInfo in a blog post, quoted Saturday (27/5/2023).

Username Can Be Found in Profile Settings

Username Can Be Found in Profile Settings

As shown in the screenshot above, WhatsApp will introduce a username feature in the app settings. To create a username, users can simply access the "Settings" menu, then enter "Profile".

With this feature, users can reach other people by simply entering their username, without needing to know their phone number.

Apart from that, WhatsApp has also rolled out other new features, such as Chat Lock and editing messages that have been sent.

Reference and Image By WABetaInfo

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