10 Ways to Increase TikTok Followers For "Live" in 2023

10 Ways to Increase TikTok Followers For "Live" in 2023

Teuku.net - For those of you Tiktoker beginners who want to stream, you must know the conditions so you can do that. One of them has more than 1,000 followers. So what if you don't have the amount in question?

The simple answer is clear by increasing followers on ByteDance social media. However, how do you increase TikTok followers? Regarding this question, TeukuNet has a little explanation which hopefully can enlighten you.

Here's how to increase TikTok followers :

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1. Who is Your Target Audience?

First of all, before you create TikTok content, make sure you know who you want to target. By identifying this, you don't have to bother creating a variety of content for all ages.

Here are the steps to identify the target audience:

  1. Look at competitors or other influencers, to find out what kind of content they have and what you will post
  2. Study the most popular videos, to get ideas when working on content
  3. Do an analysis of the content that has been posted by you

2. Follow the Trends

After all, people will prefer to see content that is currently popular. This is so that they do not miss interesting information.

So, one way to Increase TikTok followers is by knowing which videos are trending. You can use the idea, by beautifying it using your own concept.

3. Use Hashtags

When you have made a video that is ready to be posted, don't forget to use the right hashtag. Here you can use hashtags that match the contents of the content, and they are currently popular.

If the selected hashtag is irrelevant, it will only appear as spam. Don't forget to include the ever-popular hashtags #fyp or #foryou.

Even though it is not certain whether both are effective or not, at least they can make your videos reach more people.

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4. Choose the Right Time

Each social media has a certain time for posting content. Likewise on TikTok, so you really need to know the right time when you are going to share videos.

The method is in the followers tab. Then scroll down to find follower activity. Now here you can see what day and time they are actively using this application.

5. Use Call to Action (CTA)

How to increase further TikTok followers by inserting CTA at the end of the video. This is remembering that not only your followers can see the content.

But all TikTok users can enjoy it, as long as video seconds reach these people. So it's very important to use CTAs, so they want to visit your profile, see other videos on your account, to become new followers.

6. Make Your Own Videos

Another way is to make your own version of the video, without following the trends or concepts of other creators. So later if it is successful, the video will become a trendsetter.

Then millions of TikTok users will come up with a similar concept. That way the reach of your account is wider, and does not rule out the number of followers to increase.

7. Collaboration

Collaboration is an efficient way to increase TikTok followers. So working with other influencers can be a great way to spread information about your account.

8. Do Cross Promotion

Simply put, you only need to share the TikTok videos that have been made to other social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

So the dissemination of information both related to accounts and content is wider. It's not just about TikTok users.

9. Use the TikTok Feature

How to increase the next TikTok followers by empowering features in the application. If you want your profile to be seen by more people, this is an effective method and it's a shame to miss it.

For example duets with other content or those that are currently popular using the TikTok video stitch. That way the content becomes more interesting, and you can get lots of views, comments, and new followers.

10. TikTok Ads

Finally, you can try advertising on TikTok. The goal is none other than to promote the videos that you have made.

Even though you have to spend some money, this method is considered effective in increasing the number of TikTok followers. But make sure to keep sharing quality videos.

So that TikTok users are interested in becoming followers, not just because of the ad promotions that you are doing. However, because your content is interesting.

That's more or less how to increase TikTok followers. If you have their own and unique way, they can share their experiences in the comments column.

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