Search for Songs by Humming on the YouTube App

Search for Songs by Humming on the YouTube App

Teuku.Net - If you often search for a song on YouTube that you don't remember the lyrics but still remember the tune, this feature being tested might help you someday. YouTube is known to be testing searching for a song, simply by humming.

"We are experimenting with the ability for people to search for songs on YouTube by humming or recording the song that is playing," the Google-owned platform said on its support page.

YouTube revealed that those participating in the experiment can switch from voice search on the platform to song search, and hum or record the song they are looking for for about 3 seconds or so. Once the song is identified, users will be directed to matching official music content, user-generated videos, and/or Shorts videos featuring the searched song on the YouTube app.

"This experiment was launched to a small percentage of people around the world who watch YouTube on Android devices," wrote the YouTube team, quoted Monday (28/8/2023).

What YouTube is doing is actually not a new feature developed by Google. In 2020, Google has launched this kind of capability in the Google app, Google Search widget, and Google Assistant.

With this feature, users can find out a song just by humming, whistling, playing a song, or singing it into the device's microphone.

The difference is that Google's feature requires users to hum for 10 to 15 seconds, until they actually identify the song. Google explains that this feature is built on a machine learning model that can match a person's hum, with the "fingerprint" or typical melody of a song.

YouTube also confirmed to Tech Crunch that it is testing this feature on its platform using the same technology that Google is already using.

In addition, YouTube is also testing making the subscription feed more organized, which is often cluttered as creators upload multiple videos in a day.

"We've started testing combining multiple uploads from one creator in a short period of time into a gallery in the Subscription feed," YouTube wrote.

YouTube Music Presents Samples

YouTube previously launched a new feature for their music-only app, YouTube Music, called Samples, for users around the world. With the Samples tab, there will be a page of short videos, which makes it easy to lead users to new music. 

YouTube Music Presents Samples

If you look at it, the Samples tab is similar to TikTok, as well as what Spotify has done by presenting a vertical display for a number of short music videos.

According to YouTube, quoting its press release, Thursday (17/8/2023), this personalized tab will "explore the depth and breadth of the YouTube Music library", so there will always be something new for users to hear.

Users can also enjoy the latest releases from up-and-coming artists, or songs from old albums of artists they like according to YouTube. 

Wow... it's getting easier to listen to songs from the YouTube app now, isn't it?

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