Xiaomi 13T Camera Test Results by DxOMark

Teuku.Net - The Xiaomi 13T made its debut in Berlin on September 29. This smartphone with a Leica camera has also passed the DxOMark test, which is a website that usually tests smartphone cameras.

Xiaomi 13T Camera Test Results by DxOMark

Based on DxOMark testing, the Xiaomi 13T achieved a total score of 123 points. When broken down, the Xiaomi 13T camera scores 121 points for the photo category and 132 points for the video score. The Xiaomi 13T's total score led the mid-range phone to rank 60th on DxOMark's list of smartphones with the best cameras.  

The ranking makes the Xiaomi 13T above the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Google Pixel 6a and OnePlus 10 Pro. These three smartphones occupy the 61st position on DxOMark's list of smartphones with the best cameras with a total score of 122 points. This score is one point lower than the Xiaomi 13T.

Photo Capability

According to DxOMark, the Xiaomi 13T's camera performance is quite impressive in its class. A number of aspects that the smartphone's camera excels in include exposure, contrast, white balance and consistent detail. 

DxOMark said that the Xiaomi 13T offers quite good exposure, a wide dynamic range, and displays the texture of objects quite well while minimizing image noise, especially when the camera is used to photograph objects indoors with bright lighting. 

In addition, DxOMark also praised the Xiaomi 13T's excellent autofocus and noise reduction that contributed to the phone's photography performance. The Xiaomi 13T is also considered agile in capturing moving objects such as sports scenes.

DxOMark Score for Xiaomi 13T

Apart from these advantages, the Xiaomi 13T camera also has disadvantages. One of the shortcomings according to DxOMark, is the problem when capturing accurate colors when the Xiaomi 13T is used to shoot in complex lighting. 

The skin color captured is also considered less natural, as well as image background contrast problems when photographing objects with their backs to the light. 

Another drawback is the loss of image detail in certain scenes, especially when shooting with minimal lighting. Not only that, the phone screen is also considered less bright when used in sunlight.

Video Capabilities 

In the video aspect, the Xiaomi 13T is rated by DxOMark as capable of recording videos well, although there are some improvement notes. 

According to DxOMark, the Xiaomi 13T offers a wide dynamic range in most conditions, as it records videos in high dynamic range (HDR) mode. The details captured during video recording are also considered good, especially when compared to other smartphones in the premium category. 

In addition, the white balance of the camera is also quite good, especially when recording videos with bright lighting. Moreover, the smartphone also offers a video stabilization feature to minimize shaking during recording. 

However, DxOMark regrets that there is an increase in exposure when recording objects whose lighting changes. Not only that, the video focus is less stable despite the phone's autofocus feature. 

With all the camera capabilities above, DxOMark concludes that the Xiaomi 13T can be a qualified choice for mobile photography enthusiasts. Moreover, the price of Xiaomi 13T is quite affordable, which is IDR 6.5 million in Indonesia.

It should be noted that the above results are based on DxOMark testing. This site tests smartphone cameras via an in-house laboratory with various environmental scenarios in a variety of subjects. 

In its laboratory, DxOMark uses specialized software to test the capabilities of smartphone cameras. Then, the results of the software are compared with tests carried out directly by the relevant team to provide a manual assessment. 

In practice, DxOMark tests device cameras for about a week by involving their team of engineers. 

Regarding the scores, the photo, zoom and video scores are initially categorized separately, then combined into a total score or overall score as a metric for comparison between cameras on other devices. 

It is possible that what is presented from the DxOMark test results differs from the direct experience of users. However, at the very least, these test results can provide a general idea.

Xiaomi 13T Specifications with Leica Camera 

A number of advantages of Xiaomi 13T mentioned by DxOMark above, cannot be separated from the smartphone's camera specifications. 

Leica camera

Xiaomi 13T is the first smartphone from the Xiaomi T-series to be equipped with a camera from Xiaomi's collaboration with the famous German lens manufacturer, Leica. 

Technically, the Xiaomi 13T is equipped with three rear cameras with Leica technology, including a 50 MP main camera (f/1.9, Sony IMX707, OIS), a 50 MP telephoto camera (f/1.9, 2x optical zoom), and a 12 MP ultrawide camera (f/2.2). 

The Xiaomi 13T is also equipped with a number of typical Leica features such as Leica Authentic mode for photos with natural and classic colors, Leica Vibrant for photos that have prominent colors, Leica filters, and so on. 

Moving on to the performance aspect, the phone is powered by a Mediatek Dimensity 8200 Ultra chipset that has an eight-core processor (CPU) with a clock speed of up to 3.1 GHz. The chipset is accompanied by up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage media.


Xiaomi 13T is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery that supports 67 watt fast charging. Thanks to this fast charging technology, Xiaomi claims the battery of its latest phone can be fully charged (100 percent) within 42 minutes. 


In the design aspect, the Xiaomi 13T carries a 6.67-inch CrystalRes AMOLED screen which has a resolution of 2,712 x 1,220 pixels, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, a touch sampling rate of 480 Hz, and a maximum brightness level of 2,600 nit. 

Xiaomi 13T Design

The screen is claimed to support 68 billion colors, Dolby Vision, up to HDR10 Plus and has been coated with Gorilla Glass 5 protective glass. At the top center of the screen, there is a punch hole that contains a 20 MP selfie camera (f/2.2). 

Other supporting features on the Xiaomi 13T include 5G support, Bluetooth 5.4, NFC, WiFi 6, Dual Speakers with Dolby Atmos technology, 4K 30 fps video recording, and a polished Android 13 operating system (OS) with MiUI 14 interface (UI). 

IP68 Water and Dust Resistance Certificate

IP68 Water and Dust Resistance Certificate

This phone has also received water and dust level certification with IP rating IP68, the first for Xiaomi T-Series. That way, this device will remain safe if exposed to water or dust. Xiaomi also claims this device can be immersed in water with a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

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