Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

Teuku.Net - Users of desktop applications are certainly familiar with the collection of shortcuts. The existence of shortcuts is intended to perform a certain function in the program practically and quickly.

Some work applications such as Microsoft 356, Google Workspace or even design and editing applications such as Adobe Family also have shortcuts.

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

Among many applications, shortcuts are usually widely used in data processing applications such as Microsoft Excel, which is part of Microsoft 365.

In Microsoft Excel, some shortcuts can be used to make it easier for users to perform functions in Excel efficiently without having to go to the menu. So, what are the shortcut menus that can be used in a job in Microsoft Excel?

List of Shortcut Buttons in Microsoft Excel

Here Teuku.Net presents various shortcut buttons in Microsoft Excel as listed on the official Microsoft support site.

Microsoft Excel Basic Shortcuts :

  1. Close workbook : Ctrl+W
  2. Open Workbook : Ctrl+O
  3. Open Home tab : Alt+H
  4. Save Workbook : Ctrl+S
  5. Copy Selection : Ctrl+C
  6. Paste selection : Ctrl+V
  7. Cancel current action : Ctrl+Z
  8. Select fill color : Alt+H, H
  9. Cut selection : Ctrl+X
  10. Open Insert Tab : Alt+N
  11. Apply bold formatting : Ctrl+B
  12. Center align cell contents : Alt+H, Shift, C
  13. Open the Page Layout tab : Alt+P
  14. Open the Data tab : Alt+A
  15. Open the View tab : Alt+W
  16. Open Context Menu : Shift+F10 or
  17. Menu key : Windows
  18. Add Border : Alt+H, B
  19. Delete column : Alt+H, D, C
  20. Open Formulas tab : Alt+M
  21. Hide selected rows : Ctrl+9
  22. Hide selected columns : Ctrl+0
  23. Move to the next cell : Tab
  24. Move to previous cell : Shift + Tab
  25. Select columns from selected cells to the end of the table : Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow
  26. Select columns from cells above the selected cells : Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow
  27. Select all cells on the right : Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
  28. Select all cells on the left : Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
  29. Add a comment to a cell : Shift + F2
  30. Insert a hyperlink : Ctrl + K
We hope that the Microsoft Excel shortcuts above will make your work easier.

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