Sophistication and Unique Facts about Apple Vision Pro

Teuku.Net - Apple officially released the Vision Pro in the United States (US) on Friday (2/2) with a starting price of US$3,499. How advanced is Apple's latest device?

The Vision Pro is Apple's first new product in seven years. This virtual reality (VR) device went on sale at the Apple Store in the US and is predicted to be one of the most innovative technology products in the next few years.

Sophistication and Unique Facts about Apple Vision Pro

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Apple CEO Tim Cook called it "the most advanced consumer electronics device ever made" ahead of its release.

So what are the highlights of Apple's latest device? The following Vision Pro facts have been compiled from various sources:

Expensive Item

It is believed that the Vision Pro is not an easy item to sell because the price is quite fantastic for some people. Apple prices the standard 256GB version of the device at $3,499.

This price does not include reading glasses, which are sold separately starting at $149, and lens inserts, which start at $99.

There are also additional accessories such as a travel case for $200 and a battery case for $50 and up. With these additional accessories, the price can reach US$4,600.

Short Battery Life

According to Apple's official statement, the Vision Pro has an iPhone-sized battery life of about 2.5 hours "for general use or watching videos for 2.5 hours when fully charged, or all day when plugged in".

With that length of use, 9to5mac says the device successfully completed the movie Avengers: End Game movie with little battery life left.

Still, one disappointing thing is that the Apple Vision Pro has to be completely shut down and rebooted when changing the battery. This reboot process took less than a minute.

User Experience

The headset looks like a pair of ski goggles, with an adjustable strap on the top and a "digital crown" on the back - a larger version than the one on the Apple Watch.

Another digital crown at the top acts as a sort of home button.

Although it still looks like a computer around the eyes, the device is lightweight and quite comfortable to wear, quotes CNN.

The setup process is relatively simple: first, Vision Pro tracks the eyes, scans the hands, and maps the room. Users will then see an iOS-like interface placed in front of their environment.

By using eye movements and touching the thumb and index finger together, it will activate the "select" button, allowing users to easily enter and exit apps such as Messages, FaceTime, Safari, and Photos.

The interface also responds to voice commands to activate Siri.

Photos can be viewed in their original size or as if they were on a giant movie screen. Meanwhile, Panorama puts the user right in the scene.

Vision Pro also offers a spatial photo option that lets users view images and videos in 3D for a more surreal experience.

Vision Pro can be used for everything from cooking to meditating to working. Users can sync their Mac computer to turn the screen into a very large display and connect a physical keyboard.

To maximize productivity, users can have multiple windows open at the same time: Email can be stored on one side, the Safari browser can be open in the middle, and FaceTime calls can be open on the right.

When users wear Vision Pro while on FaceTime, they appear as a persona, an avatar-like digital representation of their face.

Consumer Tastes

Nearly every new Apple product, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch, promises to change the way we live, work and interact with the world by using screens of varying sizes.

The Vision Pro has the potential to do all this in an even more impressive way.

But unexpectedly, the Vision Pro is likely to remain a niche product for die-hard Apple fans and developers, largely due to its price.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the company sold about 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro headsets during the first pre-order weekend last month.

Delivery times remained largely unchanged after the first 48 hours, suggesting that demand may ease after core enthusiasts place their orders. Delivery times typically increase after a new iPhone model sells out.

Morgan Stanley analysts expect the company to ship as many as 400,000 Vision Pro units this year.

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