7 Tips to Charge Your Smartphone Safely and Preserve Battery Life

Teuku.Net - Smartphone battery is a component that needs attention. The reason is that this component plays a very important role so that the smartphone can be used. There are many ways to maintain the health of smartphone batteries, one of which is safety when charging.

7 Tips to Charge Your Smartphone Safely and Preserve Battery Life

Charging a cell phone may seem trivial. However, there are things that need to be considered in order to prevent accidents and prolong the life of your smartphone. In this article, Teuku.Net will provide ways to charge your smartphone safely. Read it to the end, ok..

1. Use Genuine Cables and Charger

One of the most important aspects of charging a smartphone is using the correct charger and cable.

It is recommended that you use the charger and cable that came with your smartphone or use trusted third-party charger accessories.

As quoted by Gizchina, Friday (10/5/2024), using counterfeit charger accessories can pose a serious safety risk. Using counterfeit accessories may damage the smartphone and even cause a fire.

2. Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging a smartphone causes the smartphone to heat up faster, which can damage the battery and pose a safety risk.

To avoid overcharging, it is recommended that you disconnect the phone from the charging port when the battery reaches 100 percent. Some smartphones have features that can prevent overcharging by turning off the power when the battery is fully charged.

3. Maintain Smartphone Temperature

Heat is the number one enemy of smartphone batteries. Excessive heat can shorten battery life, and even constant heat can cause fires.

To maintain your phone's temperature while charging, avoid placing your phone on soft surfaces, such as pillows, that can trap heat.

Instead, place your phone on a hard, flat surface. This will allow air to circulate around your phone and prevent your phone's battery from overheating while charging.

4. Don't Charge Your Smartphone Battery During a Thunderstorm.

Unplug your smartphone charger during a thunderstorm to avoid damage from power surges or lightning.

Lightning can travel through power lines and damage smartphones, so be careful when charging during extreme weather.

5. Check Cables and Chargers

Regularly checking your charging cables and adapters is essential for safe charging. Look for signs of damage such as chipped cables or loose connections.

If you find any damage to the cable or charger head, you must replace the cable or charger immediately to prevent an accident.

6. Avoid Charging in Direct Sunlight

Charging a smartphone battery in direct sunlight can cause the smartphone to overheat and damage the battery.

Therefore, it is recommended that you charge your smartphone in a cool and shady place to prevent overheating while ensuring that the smartphone temperature is maintained.

7. Charge Your Phone in a Cool and Dry Place.

It is important to charge your smartphone in a cool and dry place to prevent overheating and to avoid short circuits.

Avoid charging your device in a place with limited ventilation, as it can trap air and cause overheating inside the smartphone's components.

Instead, charge your phone in a well-ventilated area where air can circulate freely. This may seem simple, but it can significantly reduce the risk of overheating, damage, or even fire.

That's all for today's trick tips.

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