How to Overcome Smartphone Memory Full Without Deleting Photos and Videos - Full smartphone storage space can be a big problem. Not only hinders the performance of smart devices, but also makes users unable to store photos, music videos and other types of files.

The situation could be worse, because some applications may be difficult to open, aka errors. If that has happened, activities can be disrupted and it is not impossible for us to miss important moments such as documentation of music concerts and others.

How to Overcome Smartphone Memory Full Without Deleting Photos and Videos

As we know, photos and videos take up most of the cellphone memory. Deleting those two files is certainly an easy way to free up memory, but who wants to do that. Therefore, here's an instant way to deal with full memory without deleting photos and videos :

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Clean Unimportant Files

The easiest and fastest way to deal with full memory on a smartphone is to clean unnecessary files. Users can search for unused files such as download files, apk files, cache files and log files.

These files often take up a lot of storage space and can be deleted without any adverse impact on the device. Users can use a cleaner application available on the Google Play Store or clean manually.

Clear Application Cache

Application cache is data stored by applications to improve performance and save time. However, application cache can cause the smartphone's memory to become full and make the application slower.

Users can delete the application cache periodically to free up smartphone memory. The trick is to go to the settings, select the application, and select the application that you want to clear the cache. The user can then select the "clear cache" option to clear the app cache.

Move Multiple Apps or Files to SD Card

If your smartphone is equipped with an SD card slot, you can move some apps or files to the SD card. The trick is to go to settings, select storage, and select the "move apps to SD card" or "move files to SD card" option.

However, not all apps can be moved to the SD card and some apps may not run properly if moved.

Own Google One Storage

Google One Storage is a cloud storage service offered by Google. By using this service, users can store files and data in the Google cloud and access them from various devices.

This service also provides additional storage capacity for Android users who need more space. By having Google One storage, users can move unnecessary files to cloud storage and free up storage space on smartphones.

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