Apple Develops Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Body Materials

Apple Develops Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Body Materials - The Apple company is known as a mobile phone maker that has many innovations in the field of technology. Most recently, the company is known to be preparing ways to make the iPhone stronger and scratch resistant.

According to the latest documents, Apple has been granted a patent for Spatial Composite materials by the United States (US) Patent and Trademark Office. This patent indicates that Apple is developing a new type of material to protect its products in the future.

Information quoted from several reliable sources, this Cupertino-based technology giant company wants to ensure its users don't have to depend on casings to maintain their devices. More precisely, Apple is working to increase its protection of iPhone, iPad and Watch by making the entire body resistant to scratches and scratches.

In the patent document, the names of Christopher Prest, Stephen Lynch, and Teodor Dabov are listed as the inventors of the Spatial Composite. All three are engineers working for Apple.

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Apple explained that the things that are taken into consideration in choosing various materials for the back panel are its resistance to scratches and electromagnetic problems. While plastic does not interfere with radio connectivity, it is not considered scratch resistant.

Metal, on the other hand, is more resistant to scratches, but prone to jamming radio signals. As a last resort, the ceramic material is scratch-resistant and doesn't interfere with connectivity, but it's not very sturdy.

To that end, Apple combines a metal and ceramic composite to produce scratch-resistant properties, superior durability, and minimal disruption. The substrate material resulting from this amalgamation will feature a matrix that can be printed with metals and ceramics, between 10 and 100 microns. 

This new innovation will complement Apple's Crystal Shield technology to protect the screen from scratches. With Spatial Composite, iPhone will look new, even after months or even years of use.

However, currently the development status of the Spatial Composite is just a patent. Therefore, there is no further information about when this new material will be implemented on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

To be sure, this technology will not be used on the iPhone 15 which will be released soon in the coming months.

(image by : unsplash/Xiong Yan)

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