What is Joomla CMS: Definition, Features and Benefits

What is Joomla CMS: Definition, Features and Benefits

Teuku.net - When discussing a content management system (CMS) to create and manage websites more quickly and effectively, surely everyone will immediately agree that WordPress is the most popular CMS to use today. However, Joomla is just as popular as WordPress, both in terms of the appearance of the dashboard and the features it provides.

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What is Joomla?

Just like its competitors, launching from its official website, Joomla is also a free and open source CMS. This means that this CMS can be downloaded, used and modified by its users for free.

Joomla itself was first released in 2005. However, its popularity is still not like WordPress which is now the CMS with the most users in the world.

Currently, Joomla is ranked 5th in the list of CMS market share, with 2.7% as of January 2023. Even though it is ranked fifth, Joomla is a CMS that should be reckoned with other CMS because the use of the programming language on the Joomla CMS can still be easily understood and used, has a more powerful design toolkit, is flexible from the front-end and back-end side, and has a user-friendly interface. Thus, it makes it easier for you to maximize the available features. Currently there are many hosting providers that provide Joomla.

Apart from that, the basic difference between Joomla and WordPress is the purpose for which they were created. If Joomla is intended for creating portal-like websites, for example forums or social media, while WordPress focuses on blogs. Even so, these two CMS have been developed and can be used to create various types of websites without being limited.

Still from the official Joomla website, this CMS can be used for various industrial lines, such as:

  • Company websites or portals, intranets, and extranets
  • Small business website
  • Magazines, newspapers and online publications
  • E-commerce and online reservation portal
  • Government and organizational websites
  • Blog or portfolio for personal needs

What are Joomla's advantages?

Features are flexible

The first advantage of the Joomla CMS is that it can be used to start from a simple website to a more complex and interactive website. There is no need to use a developer because with standard HTML knowledge, Joomla users can already manage it.

Apart from that, Joomla also has flexible features. This CMS provides thousands of extensions and widgets that can be used for website needs to make it more efficient and beautiful.

Free and open-source

As an open-source CMS, Joomla can be easily downloaded from the official website and used for free. This CMS also provides hundreds of choices of plugins and themes that can be installed free of charge, without the need to pay a dime. Joomla also uses the PHP programming language which is often used by open-source software. Recently, more and more developers are creating new extensions because this CMS has an open-source infrastructure.

Apart from that, Joomla also has an extensive online community so if you encounter difficulties, need tips, tutorials, or answers to problems you are experiencing, you can easily find them in the community.

SEO friendly

The thing that must be considered when choosing a CMS is the ability to be SEO friendly. However, if you use Joomla, you don't need to worry. This is because the Joomla CMS is SEO friendly so that it allows you to optimize your website to get a high ranking on search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. There are lots of features and extensions to help increase site page ranking by optimizing this SEO.

Easy to use

One of the goals of having a CMS is to make it easier for users to create website pages quickly and efficiently. For example, if Joomla is used to create a simple blog, users can easily select a menu to create articles and don't need to know programming languages. Simply pressing the publish button, the article is ready to be released and read by many people.

Suitable for e-commerce websites

Even though the initial presence of Joomla was intended to create online forums, now Joomla can also be used as a website for e-commerce. With Joomla, users can manage content and online stores simultaneously, without having to use a different platform, as well as lots of features for making online buying and selling transaction menus.

Joomla CMS Features


Multilingual is the first feature that Joomla has. You don't need to be confused about programming an interlanguage website because this CMS supports as many as 75 international languages.

That way, this CMS is very user-friendly for users in various countries.

After all, whatever the CMS is, if it only supports one language, it certainly can't compete with other CMS. So, multilingual is a very important basic feature.


Compared to its competitors who depend on plugins that are already available, Joomla is far superior in terms of security. This is because this CMS is equipped with security features, such as SSL and other options, such as two factor authentication.

Content Management

This content management feature is almost like WordPress. Joomla makes it easy for its users to manage content on the website, starting from writing articles, managing per category, editing, publishing time, and/or archiving some content for safekeeping.

Media Manager

Next there are the media features, this is also not much different from WordPress. You can add image files to the articles you want to publish. Not only that, the media manager can make it easier for you to manage media folders.


All owners definitely want to have a website that is responsive when opened, either via a web browser or via mobile. Luckily, Joomla has website features that make it responsive and easy for users to navigate.

So, you don't need to worry about website performance when using Joomla CMS. As is known, website responsiveness can affect SEO performance on the SERP, you know!


Who would have thought that Joomla would have a forum for its users and be open. This forum is a place for anyone who wants to learn and explore the Joomla CMS.

With this forum, you can create various website creations, your business, or learn from each other and other users. This feature also greatly opens up opportunities for you to connect with people around the world.

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