How to Delete iPhone System Data that's Filling Up Storage

Teuku.Net - Full memory is the main problem for most iPhone users. This is because the iPhone does not have an external storage slot.

However, Apple provides the iCloud service for users to store things when the iPhone's storage is full. This service is available by subscription..

How to delete iPhone System Data that's Filling Up Storage

The full iPhone is usually caused by various files that are not important and not used by its users. These files can be photos, videos, or even applications that users no longer use.

It is possible to delete various unimportant and unused files. However, they are usually not very important if the user intends to clean up the storage space on the iPhone.

Delete iPhone system data

System data is actually a combination of cache, logs and various other things found on the iOS system. Some examples that we can find are temporary files in the trash folder.

So, the things that users should delete to free up iPhone space should be data related to system storage. Some of the system data such as history in Safari and trash folder.

Here TeukuNet presents the steps to clear Safari cache and trash folder on iPhone.

Clear iPhone Safari Cache

How to clear the Safari cache on iPhone is quite simple. The method is as follows:

  • Open Settings on iPhone
  • Go to the 'Safari' option
  • At the bottom, select 'Clear History and Web Data '
  • Swipe the settings to the right on the 'Close all tabs' option

Delete data from the Trash folder

The Trash folder is located in the Photo Gallery. It's quite easy to clean up as follows:

  • Open 'Photos' on iPhone
  • Select the 'Temporarily delete' option at the bottom
  • Click the three dots icon
  • Select the 'Delete All' option
Hopefully, the tips above can be used properly.

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