Transparent Design of Beats Studio Buds Plus with New Internal Components

Beats Studio bud plus Transparent - Apple just did a refresh on one of its affordable TWS earphones. Through the Beats brand that has been acquired, comes the Beats Studio Buds Plus which fits the “similar but not the same” trope.

This second product is practically the same as when Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds Plus, it looks similar in terms of design but the internal components are thoroughly updated, with better quality, and a higher price too. Beats Studio Buds Plus itself will become Apple's "weapon" for consumers who use devices other than their own products.

The reason is, since the introduction of Beats Studio Buds, it was stated that this one earphone would be compatible and could easily connect with both Apple and Android devices. Then what's new from Beats Studio Buds Plus? let's see further discussion below:

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➤ Exterior View

Apple provides different color options, namely Ivory, Black with gold accents, and the most interesting is the transparent option. Unlike Nothing, the transparent version of Beats Studio Buds Plus has a clear, close to gray color instead of being made white. And more thoroughly in the charging case, earbuds, to the rubber eartips.

To make it more comfortable to use, Beats Studio Buds Plus now comes with additional XS-sized eartips, apart from small, medium and large. With IPX4 certification, it is safe to use when exercising or when accidentally splashed with water.

➤ Beats Studio Buds Plus Enhanced Audio & ANC Quality

While the external appearance is still similar, it is stated that 95% of the internal components in the Beats Studio Buds Plus are newly designed, including the microphone which is 3 times larger in size. Coupled with a new algorithm, as well as enhanced component placement, Apple promises better voice call quality than the previous generation.

Meanwhile, for control, the Beats Studio Buds Plus are still equipped with buttons on the exterior of the earbuds, instead of using touch sensors or pressing methods like AirPods Pro. Each can be set up to four different shortcuts, with a default option of press-and-hold to switch mode from ANC to transparent—claimed to be 1.6 times & 2 times better, respectively.

Beats says that the special feedback microphone and secondary filter on each Beats Studio Buds Plus earbud can analyze audio data up to 50 thousand times per second, so that the resulting sound is more accurate, and minimizes electronic sound when features such as ANC are active. Machine learning also plays a role in being able to capture voices from users even when they are in a crowd.

Beats Studio Buds Plus also features special second-generation “Beats Proprietary Platform” hardware, allowing Apple users to use “Hey Siri” voice commands, search for devices with Find My, to seamlessly switch between devices with the same iCloud account. And at the same time, it also supports Google Fast Pair and synchronization with Google accounts.

➤ Tiny Earbuds but the battery is quite durable

In addition to audio quality, ANC and comfort levels, the Beats Studio Buds Plus battery also remains a focus for improvement. If the ANC feature is not active or transparent, one playback time can be up to 9 hours, with an additional 27 hours from the charging case. When ANC is on, the time decreases, respectively, to 6 hours and 18 hours.

Unfortunately, Beats Studio Buds Plus still doesn't support wireless charging. So that charging must use the USB-C port with a cable that is already available in the sales package. The Fast Fuel feature allows users to listen to music in 60 minutes, through only 5 minutes of charging.

With an upgraded quality, Beats Studio Buds Plus has also gone up, now priced at USD 169. Currently, Apple has opened orders through its official website, and they can be obtained in a number of countries such as the United States, Canada and China. Interested Teuku.Net friends? Just look forward to its presence in your favorite e-commerce.

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