How to Split Windows 11 Partitions to Manage Data - To manage storage better, we can easily share hard disk drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) partitions used on Windows 11 devices.

How to Split Windows 11 Partitions to Manage Data

The problem is that the Microsoft company has equipped its operating system with a feature that makes this possible. Given the name Disk Management, we just really need to enter the settings deep enough to be able to access it.

As the name suggests, Disk Management is a tool for the Microsoft Windows operating system that is specifically designed to assist users in managing laptop or computer storage media. Its features can be used for both HDD and SSD.

Apart from allowing us to create new partitions, Disk Management can also be used to divide up existing storage volumes. For example, to separate personal data from work or group file types.

Even though it is located quite deep, using the Disk Management feature in Windows 11 is not a difficult thing. We can also easily divide existing partitions when we need them.

How to Split Storage Partition in Windows 11

  1. Tap the Windows Start button.
  2. Type then search with the keyword "Computer Management".
  3. Select Run as administrator if the application appears.
  4. Open the Disk Management menu from the window that appears.
  5. Right-click on the storage partition you want to share.
  6. Select Shrink Volumes.
  7. Change the Enter the size you want to shrink according to the desired partition size.
  8. Click the Shrink button.
  9. If successful, a new storage volume with the name Unallocated will appear.
  10. Right click on the Unallocated volume.
  11. Select the New Simple Volume option.
  12. Click the Next button in the New Simple Volume Wizard window.
  13. Set the Simple volume size section as needed then click Next.
  14. Change Assign the following drive letter if needed then tap Next.
  15. Select Format this volume with the following settings.
  16. Make sure to set File system to NTFS, Allocation unit size to Default, and Volume label as desired.
  17. Check the Perform a quick format option.
  18. Click Next then Finish to complete the partitioning process.

After following the steps above, a new storage partition will appear with the label according to what we have set. It is also possible that a volume with the name Unallocated will still appear if the previously available space is not fully used.

The new partition that appears can be directly used to store data. After closing the Computer Management window, we can transfer files using the File Explorer application as usual.

That's how to Split Hard Disk Partitions in Windows 11, good luck !!

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