Keep Objects That Interfere with the WiFi Router Signal at Home - Who doesn't get annoyed when the WiFi network at home is unstable? Usually the WiFi speed at home can be disrupted by objects blocking the router.

Keep Objects That Interfere with the WiFi Router Signal at Home

Quoted from The Sun, Friday (2/6/2023) there are 3 things around your house that cause an unstable WiFi network. Therefore, to get the maximum network on the WiFi router, make sure to keep it away from the following objects.

1. Metal

If you have a WiFi router near any metal object, it's better to move the WiFi router away from the metal object. Or, the metal object being moved away from the router.

Objects made of metal will certainly interfere with radio waves and this is electromagnetic. So that metal easily absorbs and reduces the strength of the WiFi network in your home.

2. Mirror glass

You need to know that the mirror is a source in terms of absorption of radio waves. Also, multiple mirrors on very large walls can also affect connectivity.

This is because the mirror has a thin layer of metal which can cause network interference. Therefore, make sure you keep the WiFi router away from mirrors, this includes TV screen glass and microwave door glass.

3. Microwaves

Microwaves can give off a lot of electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with WiFi router signals. Even if you don't use it, the microwaves in the microwave still contain metal. Apart from that, this also applies to TVs, because TVs are usually made of materials that do not support good WiFi speeds

Therefore, a good place to place a WiFi router is to place a WiFi router in the home center. Usually it can be placed in an open area that is raised off the ground. Apart from that, you should also make sure the Wifi router is plugged directly into the socket rather than an extension cable so it can work faster.

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